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The County of Maui is established by the State Constitution, with no subordinate municipal entities.  The County provides a broad range of services, including public safety (including police and fire services), sanitation, social services, culture and recreation, transportation, planning and zoning, and the construction and maintenance of streets and highways.  The state government administers the school system, airports, harbors, hospitals, judicial system and the state highway system.

Maui County is governed by the County Charter and operates under the Mayor-County Council form of government.   All elections for county office are non-partisan. The executive branch of the County is headed by the Mayor who is elected for a four-year term. As the chief executive officer of the County, the Mayor is responsible for appointing the heads of the 11 executive County Departments. The respective Commissions are responsible for appointing the head of the Department of Personnel Services, Fire and Public Safety, Police, and Liquor Control. The Mayor establishes and directs basic management guidelines for the Departments and serves as a liaison between the County Council, Departments, and agencies. 

The legislative branch, the County Council, is comprised of nine members who are elected at-large, to serve two-year terms. As the policy-making body, the County Council appoints the County Clerk, County Auditor, and the staff of the Office of Council Services. Each of the nine council members has residency requirements, one each from the islands of Lana‘i and Moloka‘i, and seven from the various districts on the island of Maui. The Council legislates taxes, rates, fees, assessments, borrowing and appropriations for County purposes (County Budget) by ordinance.

The County has over 2,600 employees, with worksites on Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i, with an annual budget of approximately $1 billion.  The majority of County employees are civil service employees, and most are covered by collective bargaining and represented by a public employee union.

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Learn about the application and online exam process.

Discover benefits of being a County of Maui employee.

Connect with County departmental staff and ask questions.

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